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  1. amysrevenge

    Flight to the Sea is fraught with gravest peril

    (Missed last week, just catching up now in preparation for tomorrow night) I think Galdor has his finger on it pretty well. If Sauron were to learn that the might of the North were setting out toward the Havens, he would know the answer to the one question that has been vexing him above all...
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    Gollum Escape Theories

    I have a couple possible theories. I'm not sure I would actually support any of these, and some were strongly debunked during class, but here are some (add more!). The thing that is missing from some of these theories is motive. For his rescuers, but especially for Gollum himself. With one...
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    Legolas - Extreme Closeup

    I missed class this week or I would have said it then... You know how for some sports streaming services you can choose your own cameras to watch, different from the main broadcast feed? I'd love to watch the Council main broadcast, and then watch a replay with a tight focus on Legolas as...
  4. amysrevenge

    More Boromir thoughts

    A ring... is a weapon? Thinking it through, as Boromir might be imagining (not as we readers would think of it, or as one of the Wise who are accustomed to Ring lore by this time). It's an Underpants Gnome problem: 1. Put on Ring 2. ???? 3. Profit What happens in Step 2, in Boromir's...
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    Huge if true - Boromir's Dream

    Looking ahead a few weeks, maybe, but he's the next speaker at the time of writing this post. To me, the single biggest revelation at the Council, and the one that I doubt the truthfulness of the most, is: "For on the eve of the sudden assault a dream came to my brother in a troubled sleep...
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    Elrond and Cirdan - ulterior motive?

    Just brainstorming on why Elrond and Cirdan didn't push any harder at Isildur to destroy the Ring. Elrond and Cirdan have these awesome Rings of their own. Probably not wearing them as Corey jokingly suggested in class, as they just moments ago finished battle with Sauron with his Ruling Ring...
  7. amysrevenge

    Internal strife among Men

    Just spitballing this notion I had, based on reading a bunch of threads in a short time, pulling ideas here at there and adding my own. Sauron needs something to do. Men are coming. By the end, we have three great houses of Men on the good guy side. What if we had four great houses at first...
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    The gentle fall of the bright year in the woods

    This is from a couple weeks back, but I wonder if we were making this section too complicated (heaven forbid!). "They spoke no more of the small news of the Shire far away, nor of the dark shadows and perils that encompassed them, but of the fair things they had seen in the world together, of...
  9. amysrevenge

    The real life providence of the Earendil poem

    So now that we've discussed the published poem, and the original non-Earendil version of the poem, and the first attempt at Earendilzing the poem, I have this question/comment. It looks like Tolkien converted the original into this action-packed story-filled poem, with a beginning, a middle...
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    Bilbo's modesty about his poems

    We talked about this for a while during the session, but I have a longer comment than I was able to fit in the Discord chat. "And, of course, I make up a few songs. They sing them occasionally: just to please me, I think; for, of course, they aren't really good enough for Rivendell." (OT...
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    I got a beef with Notion Club Papers and nowhere to put it

    Here's my beef with the Notion Club Papers, in condensed dialogue format. Scene 1 Writer: "Here's my story with a space ship in it." Crusty literary nerd 1: *grumble grumble* Crusty literary nerd 2: "Preposterous!" Crusty literary nerd 3: "I won't read another page of it!" Scene 2 Writer: "OK...
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    This is prompted by the discussion of the script for S4Ep3, but would be off topic there so I'm doing it here. I have a question that I feel like we need to answer, and will need to continually re-visit and re-answer as future seasons go on and on and on. Cirdan wants to re-unite with the...
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    Interesting use of "the".

    I'm looped around in the audiobooks, and have just now passed us here in class again. I've noticed a thing 3 times now, up to midway through the next chapter. "the Barad Dur" "the Bag End" And just now from Gandalf, "your friend, the Strider". That's weird.
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    Bilbo after the Fellowship leaves Rivendell

    Question (might be more appropriate several months from now, but it came to me know so I'm typing it now): How close is Bilbo to following after the Fellowship alongside Gollum, chasing after their collective Precious? If, for instance, Frodo had let his dear uncle hold the Ring one more time...
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    Aragorn and Elrond

    I was listening to Return of the King while I was driving (so I couldn't stop and make any notes), but there is a passage toward the end that describes King Aragorn and uses language very similar to how Elrond was described a few slides ago in the Many Meetings chapter. I don't even have an...
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    Investing power into minions

    There's something here that I'm grasping at. Sauron and Morgoth invest their followers (and/or artefacts) with some of their personal power. In exchange they get more control over the minions, who become more powerful and act as hands/eyes for the Dark Lord(s). What does Gandalf do in...
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    Elf Tech

    Looking to do some very broad discussion about Elf technology, most specifically about Noldor at the height of their powers. The discussion about 2h in to session 4.12 put it in my mind, with Cory talking about surveyors and showing Gondolin in-construction but saving the reveal for S5. What...
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    How we go about this process

    So I've been thinking about how we go about this whole SilmFilm thing. I like the Executive Producer model - it ties the project up to the podcast feed, with Corey an friends as the ultimate figure heads. What I'm wondering is, are we utilizing that format in the most effective way? Here's my...
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    Field trip

    I'm watching last night's field trip and I am VERY amused by the dive-bombing deer attacks. That is all.
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    A horse is a horse

    Let's start by putting a pin in the whole "why doesn't Glorfindel join the Fellowship" question for summertime when we get there. What I want to talk about now is, why doesn't ASFALOTH join the Fellowship? To be best buds with Bill. Half joking, half serious. I get that they are Walkers and...