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    The Two Trees

    I’m binging my way along, and am just finishing up the session on music for Season 2. Phil Menzies, I wanted to let you know that I started to cry as I listened to the theme of the Two Trees. The beautiful hope in that ascending melody with the steady pulse beneath just swept me along; it’s...
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    Valar at work

    I just heard an energetic string trio by Gideon Klein: . Perhaps it’s because I was just listening to Season 1.01, but it made me think of the Valar doing their first creations (first movement), and then Melkor‘s destruction and their grieving the losses (second movement). Mostly I think...
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    On Music and Magic

    I’ve only just started listening in, so I’m still in Season 0, in which there was a discussion of music and magic, specifically battle. I thought I’d mention the Finnish traditional runic singing, as described in the national epic The Kalevala, which was a big inspiration for Tolkien. Here’s a...