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    Rope- why is only Sam thinking of it?

    Well, Sam wants rope in Moria, and is happy to get rope in Lorien, and that sounds strange if everyone but him brought rope. Or if there were in the pack of the pony: Sam would be the one caring for Bill, which would include taking on and off the packs and tack. He would see it then, if not before.
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    Rope- why is only Sam thinking of it?

    I just heard the episode with the discussion of Sam's musings, and I don't recall anyone commenting on this, but if rope is such an important thing to bring, why didn't Aragorn make sure they brought some? Or Gandalf for that. They must be the most experienced travelers in the company and would...
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    Broad-bladed axe and long white knife – #219

    I was thinking "bone" for white, whether that is ivory or another type of bone. If so, then the white knife could also be because the woodelves are less sophisticated than the Noldor when it comes to metalwork. I always took the mention of Gandalf's blade to be a call-back to The Hobbit, where...
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    Blank Shield, session 218

    It's in "The Steward and the King", not long before the coronation of Aragorn. The description is: "bright ardent like snow in the sun, bearing no charge or device"
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    Brainstorming Themes and Categories

    I would suggest using "Place" as a category which would include both geography and location, and probably also a sub-category about where characters are placed in relation to each other - like the discussions leading to the re-enactment of the Nazgûl's charge at the Ford, or the seating...
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    Style Guide Discussion

    I can get that. I just come from a country where language is a very serious thing, and what written language you use is a big deal - and not only for the minority language. I'm therefore both used to that the two languages can be used in the same publication, and aware of how important the...
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    Style Guide Discussion

    English is not even my native language, and there are others in my situation. Citation would be fairly easy to just decide on a format for, spelling will probably be hardest to change from what you are used to. I also wonder how important it would be to have the same spelling/version of...
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    Call for Volunteers!

    Hi, My name is Hege Høibye, but I go mostly by Ragnelle online. I live on the western coast of Norway, by one of the fjords. I have studied history of ideas, and word literature at the University of Oslo, and Drama and theatre at the Collage of Oslo and worked for about 10 years as an oral...
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    The seasons in The Lord of the Rings

    I was just listening to the latest session (212) , and the discussion about the seasons both in Bilbo's poem and the Ent-song made me wonder if the seasons play a role in the story as a whole. I have not had time to go through this carefully, and since the main action takes place during a little...
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    'Were' and 'hair' - do they rhyme in Bilbo's poem?

    In the recording "Poems and Songs of Middle Earth" this is one of the songs, and to mine (admittedly non-native) ear, "were" and "hair" rhymes just fine there. I was not taught any particular accent when I learned English, though closer to a British English than American (and British spelling)...
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    How To Pack A Mithril Coat

    This is how I have my mail-coat (yes, I have one) packed: in a puddle and with a cloth wrapped around it. That is mostly because it is so heavy, and it is not as if it will wrinkle. But too heavy to bother with anything else. The mithril coat is lighter, and with smaller rings, so it might be...
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    Favorite children's book poetry

    For me Inger Hagrup's poems for children are among the best, though I don't think many will have heard of them outside Scandinavia, and it is probably first and foremost in Norway they are classics. I am not aware of any translations, which, being poetry, is perhaps not very strange, but it is a...
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    Double your pleasure! Double your fun! Let’s have double Annunciations?

    In addition to the 25th of March to be Annunciation, it is traditionally also the date of the Crucifixion. Since Eater is celebrated not according to date, but the phase of the moon, this is not as readily recognisable, but it was a very early tradition that Jesus died on the day he was...
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    Tolkien's Influence: Dark Lord

    The literal meaning of the Greek word αποκαλυψις (apocalypsis), is to uncover (like uncovering the head). It is not used in the literal sense in NT writings, but in the sense of making fully known, revelation, disclosure. (According to BDAG - Greek-English Lexicon of the New Testament) It is...
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    The first sentence can be read as meaning just that: that the Barrow-wights inhabbit the bones - they are the thing that stir the bones. How is the bones stired? I read the passive to mean that it is not the shaddow that stirs the bones - or it would be "A shaddow came ... and stirred the...
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    I just listen to session 196 (I think the latest - I´m not able to attend live since that is in the middle of the night for me- so the latest published as a podcast), and during the discussion of Aragorn's scornfull nickname(s) in Bree it seemed that the meaning of "stick-at-naught" was taken to...
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    Horse colours

    Flamifer: English is my second language, and the British spelling was what we were taught so I tend to stick to that. That paining is a good illustation! It shows the differences that can be in greys, with some rather dark grey, some dappled, and a lot who most would call white. Amysrevenge: It...
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    Concerning Horses: Asfaloth to Shadowfax

    I like your essay as well! I would vote for the Lusitano (PSL) rather than the Andalusian as the Mearas. They are not all that different that it matters too much, but it is first and foremost the Veiga line of the Lusitano that are breed for bullfighting. Still, I would be happy to say...
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    Horse colours

    I just caught up with the last episode (175) after falling behind a bit, and this might be more a comment than a question, and perhaps not too important, but, being a horse nerd, it was important to me. On the question of Shadowfax's name, Cory Olsen commented that Shadowfax is grey, not white...
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    Aragorn, Aragorn, where have you been?

    Gilraen dies in 3007, so it is after Bilbo's party. I am not sure if Aragorn would have spent much time with Saruman - he warns Ecthelion to not put trust him, and this must have happened sometime before 2980. Edit: Sam uses the name "Bombadil" after Tom Bombadil left, so Aragorn could have...