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  1. Lalaith

    Tricks for Studying Silmarillion Names

    I have a friend with less background in Middle Earth than I who asked for help studying Silmarillion characters and family trees.(for a Fantasy Lit class) That being half of what I have spent my life doing, I of course agreed. Just curious if anyone has any tips and tricks or hard things to...
  2. Lalaith

    Field Trips: Arnorian Ruins

    I've been so enjoying class recently, there have been many great topics, like female characters, how the ring tempts Frodo, and the lack of egalitarianism. But as always, I have also been enjoying the field trips. I was catching up on last class, and I noticed that the observation was made...
  3. Lalaith

    In-Game Archaeological Examination of the Lone Lands

    I've been thoroughly enjoying the examination that the ELOTR field trips did on the Arnor ruins in the Lone Lands(which I've been watching asynchronously), it's been very illuminating, perfectly nerdy, and wonderfully mysterious. I have some of my own discoveries that I thought I would share...
  4. Lalaith

    Songbook, Poetical and Maestro

    I am not a member of the Kinship(I play on Crickhollow), but I hope it's okay if I post here. I've been getting interested in trying the Songbook and Poetical plugins for LOTRO, along with the Maestro application which can allow you to create and convert files for Songbook to use. It seems like...
  5. Lalaith

    Aslan and the Valar

    This is simply a fun un-polished idea, but it's been a seed in my brain for a few years now. If Aslan of Narnia was/had a connection to a Valar or a Maiar of Middle Earth, who would he be or show patronage to? In both cases, they are the God characters who create their respective worlds with...
  6. Lalaith

    Literary Significance of Crossing Boundries

    Maybe I missed it in class last week, or perhaps this question regards a topic too trivial or obvious, but I figured I would ask anyway just on the off-chance it is an interesting thing to discuss. To what extent is Frodo, by crossing the Ford, reaching safety, and to what extent is he crossing...