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  1. Richard Rohlin

    Journal Highlights: Two Inklings Studies Journals

    This week in our Journal Highlights series, we're extremely privileged to have Laura Schmidt from the Wade Center talking to us about her Top 2 journals for Inklings studies. Click below to watch the video:
  2. Richard Rohlin

    Journal Highlights: Mythlore

    Continuing our summer series of journal introductions, here's Mythlore, as presented to us by our own Leslie Reece: Summary Mythlore was founded in 1969 by Glenn GoodKnight, who had founded the Mythopoeic Society two years earlier. In its first incarnations Mythlore was more of a “fanzine,”...
  3. Richard Rohlin

    Journal Highlights: Eaton Journal of Archival Research in Science Fiction

    Continuing our series of journal highlights over the course of the summer, here's the Eaton Journal of Archival Research in Science Fiction, summarized by Signum's own Kat Turner: Summary The Eaton Journal of Archival Research in Science Fiction is an online, peer-reviewed journal by the...
  4. Richard Rohlin

    The Tolkien Art Index

    One of the cool things that came up at Kalamazoo this year (so I'm told--I wasn't able to get out there myself) is the Tolkien Art Index. Essentially, Erik Mueller-Harder has compiled what he hopes will be the standard system for referencing Tolkien's artwork...
  5. Richard Rohlin

    Journal Highlights: Notes & Queries

    So you've just finished that highly controversial paper on Class III Weak Verbs or why His Dark Materials is the greatest fantasy epic of the age. Do you let it gather dust in the recesses of your hard drive, going the way of so many great essays which might have been? Do you tuck it blithely...
  6. Richard Rohlin

    Call for Papers: The Lamp Post

    That's my understanding, yes.
  7. Richard Rohlin

    Call for Papers: Teaching and Popular Culture for NEPCA

    Someone was good enough to bring a CFP to our attention which is probably so far up the alley of someone our Eagles and Dragons that it's practically in the next street. The Northeast Popular/American Culture Association (NEPCA) announces its first call for paper proposals for its annual...
  8. Richard Rohlin

    Call for Papers: The Lamp Post

    And here's the CFP from Laurie: (You can also access it here: Call for Papers: The Lamp-Post of the Southern California C.S. Lewis Society The Southern California C.S. Lewis...
  9. Richard Rohlin

    They are lighting the beacons! Mythprint and the Year's Work in Tolkien Studies

    My fellow Eagles and Dragons, We've just received word from David Bratman (yes, that David Bratman). He's looking urgently for Tolkien Scholars to do two things: Write reviews for Mythprint (see more below) Contribute to The Year's Work in Tolkien Studies. This is a very important annual work...
  10. Richard Rohlin

    Call for Papers: The Lamp Post

    Hey there, Dragons and Eagles! We've recently received a solicitation from The Lamp Post, the journal of the Southern California C.S. Lewis Society. They're starting up again and are looking for high-quality content on the Inklings. I'm trying to get more details on the kinds of submissions they...
  11. Richard Rohlin

    Some Conlanging

    A think most people (or at least many people) who have an interest in languages will try their hand at conlanging, sooner or later. For me, it began in my childhood, when I started to notice the enormous differences between my two cradle tongues (English and Mandarin). Language play/language...
  12. Richard Rohlin

    Practicing simple greetings...

    Ver heill ok sæll! Be hale and happy! (Old Norse) Salve! Be saved! (Latin) And some greetings in Amborian (a conlang of mine): Keviahi tuvjam? Being-free-are you? Ollot tuvaum? Being-called you? Wes, I've posted a bit about my current project, which I hope will develop into my Signum...
  13. Richard Rohlin

    What we might use this forum for?

    Wæs Þu hæl! As everyone is probably aware, I've been involved pretty heavily in all of the Signum philology-track classes, starting with Beowulf Through Tolkien and Intro to Anglo-Saxon back in the day, and now most recently Germanic Philology I. What kinds of things have I been up to? Well...
  14. Richard Rohlin

    The Poet's Tale - MacDuff

    It's not evening, but I can't stop fiddling. I've gone through the poem, reworking lines that were off by a beat, or where the deviation from the standard iamb sounded too awkward. I've also made a few wording changes (but left in "man" and "byword" for the present): --- A Poet, fleeing o’er...
  15. Richard Rohlin

    The Poet's Tale - MacDuff

    Sparrow, Thank you so much for reading and for the good feedback! To address a few of your points... There are lots, lots, lots of stories. The frame device is just the one Rinsos uses for the collection which he's curating (very little of it is actually written by him, although his commentary...
  16. Richard Rohlin

    The Poet's Tale - MacDuff

    The Poet's Tale is the frame narrative of a much larger, composite work called The Book of Amboria. The Book of Amboria has been my ongoing project for the last 15 years, and involves multiple works, ranging from long-form poetry to sonnets to royal chronicles to country ballads to Dunsanian...