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  1. Rauþúlfr

    Did Tolkien feel the Sorrow of the Elves?

    Something crossed my mind as we discussed the Even rings. If we look at Tolkien's distain for the changes wrought upon his world for the sake of progress, do we see the constant impulse of Elvenkind to long for the days of yore as something of his own longing for his own bucolic past. We see...
  2. Rauþúlfr

    Glofindel, Bombadil, & Gondolin

    As is so often the case as Narnion guides us through LOTR, as we considered Glorfindel's words immediately echoed back as never before. No one in the Council of Elrond knows more fully the folly and indeed ultimate futility of attempting to hide something from the enemy. Turgon sought to hide...
  3. Rauþúlfr

    Seek for the sword that was broken

    Perhaps the emphasis on was broken as opposed to is broken focuses upon the past tense of to "to break", "was broken" as opposed to the adjectival phrase of it's current state "is broken"?
  4. Rauþúlfr

    For Isildur's Bane shall waken,

    It is always an iffy prospect to think of the ring as having intent, but does something change once it is produced at the council? . We know that the Ring Wraiths were attracted to it before, but does become something more of a wifi hot spot (as it were)? Not as an active thing, but being more...
  5. Rauþúlfr

    With minor apologies: Ode to Cheeky Bilbo

    Post deleted
  6. Rauþúlfr

    Query: What is the email address to send a missive about donations?

    I successfully failed to jot down the address to post a note about donating. Might someone supply that address? Thanks Rauthulfr / Mike Wolfe
  7. Rauþúlfr

    The One Ring and the Mirror of Erised, reflections on desire

    I've been listening to the discussion of the nature of the One Ring's influence in session 114, and something occurred to me; the One Ring seems to influence its possessor in several ways. Most often, it seems to trigger rationalizations, like the Mirror of Erised it presents its holder with...
  8. Rauþúlfr

    Poor, overlooked, (wingless) Balrogs

    I've skimmed through the discussion threads and didn't see anything mentioning balrogs. (I came across Exploring LOTR just as Frodo was awakening in Rivendell and have managed to catch back up to episode 100, so hopefully this has not been touched upon in episodes I have not caught up with.) As...
  9. Rauþúlfr

    How long has Aragorn been visiting Bree?

    Rushing to catch up with the lectures, I've made it up to # 57, and amid the discussions of Strider a couple things strike me. In that discussion, (or another while in the P Pony, it's mentioned that Gandalf doesn't reveal Aragorn's identity. Of course not, it's not his secret to disclose! That...