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  1. Haakon

    What to expect - guidlines for the season.

    As you may know by now, the casting process of the Silmarillion Film Project goes something like this: First, the Execs decide the rough story outline of the season, with the help of us trusty listerners/contributors, especially the script team. At this point, we get an idea of what characters...
  2. Haakon


    Beren is a nobleman of the House of Bëor who is in exile as a member of his father’s band of outlaws. One of the outlaws betrays them, and Beren – the only survivor – strays into Doriath and there first sees Lúthien. He's around 30 years old. We want him to look like he's lived a rather rough...
  3. Haakon

    Amazon series: reactions to news and rumours. (Spoiler alert!)

    I think we need a thread just for talking about things as they develop until the series start. By necessity, it will be full of potential spoilers, so if you want to watch the series with eyes and mind not contaminated by intel on what’s to come, avoid this thread. I get my rumours from the...
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    Here’s the link to the voting form for season five casting: Please let me know if there’s anything wrong with the link or the form. You can make a comment to this post. Now go ahead and check out the nominees, form an opinion, and vote!
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    This is just a first (but wow how late!) thread about possible locations for season five. So, let’s brainstorm: what do we have to look for? Harad, obviously. Anything in Beleriand? Nan Elmoth?
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    Emeldir is Barahir's wife, the mother of Beren. The casting guidlines are a bit vague and give us some room: "Scary. Tough-looking. Formidable. Not necessarily unattractive. Tall. Commanding presence." I nominate Asia Argento. IMDb She's 46 years old, and has starred in Les Miserables and Land...
  7. Haakon


    Elrhûn is the son of Annael. He's a Sinda serving under Fingon. I nominate Emilio Sakraya. IMDb He is 23 years old, born in Germany. EDIT: WAS CHOSEN; OK BY EXECS
  8. Haakon


    Hador is supposed to be in his early 20s or maybe younger, tall, dashing, charismatic with a leadership presence, a warrior. I nominate Norwegian actor Tarjei Sandvik Moe. IMBD He is 22 years old and a little over 6' tall. I guess he could have been a little brawnier, but on the other hand he...
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    Here are the instructions on how to nominate someone! This forum is ONLY for nominating cast members for Season 4. Do not comment on any of the nominations posted here. One thread per role. If you want to nominate someone for a role that isn't already here, start a thread with the character's...
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    I think it's time to begin looking somewhat more seriously for the actors who we will want to see playing some of the Men who will appear early on this season. We will have to be a bit careful and not rush ahead too much. For Bëor, we can start posting suggestions though. The discussions so far...
  11. Haakon


    The people of Haleth are described in a separate thread already. They're supposed to be short and have dark hair. The execs want Haleth to be tall though. We still have to make her appearance make sense, to make her look like she's of the same kind as the ones who are a bit shorter. We also have...
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    Please vote here: I will keep the form open until Christmas. If you encounter any problems, please don't hesitate to notify me, by message or in this thread, whatever you prefer. I just noticed a mistake, but I hope it won't cause any problems.
  13. Haakon

    Dain Ironfoot

    "Quiet; doesn't say much, gentle in speech. Taciturn but reliable." I nominate Russell Crowe. Age: 55 Height: 5' 11½" He can be mild while everyone knows that he's also The Gladiator. He'd be perfect as the Dwarf King.
  14. Haakon


    Edhellos is supposed to be physically imposing. I nominate Gal Gadot. Age: 34 Height: 5' 10" She's obviously known for Wonder Woman. It would be interesting to see her play Edhellos, as the role would have a destiny that perhaps would be unexpected...
  15. Haakon

    Erebor: The Lonely Mountain

    The mountain known of course from The Hobbit. It is the source of the river Running. Tolkien's illustration: Tolkien could have gotten the idea of this mountain during his trip to the Alps in 1911. He could have seen the Matterhorn. Or perhaps not - I'm not sure at all that he was anywhere...
  16. Haakon


    The casting demands say only that Glorfindel has to be gorgeous and blond. It should perhaps be easy, but it seems it isn't. I nominate Russian actor Vasiliy Stepanov. He's been in a successful Russian movie, Inhabited Island, and I think a sequel. I'm afraid I don't know a lot about him...
  17. Haakon


    In the Hobbit, we don't get much feel for the lord of the Woodland Realm. The casting instructions were: "weak, stern, //haughtiness of someone with low self-confidence,// not admirable, //short". Most of this was said as a comparison to Legolas, who we will want to portray as braver, and...
  18. Haakon


    Jonathan Frakes Age: 67 Height: 6' 3" The actor we're looking for is supposed to be a Balin who is "old, friendly, and outgoing". "Everyone's favorite grandfather." The search is over. I'd say Jonathan Frakes is Balin.
  19. Haakon


    I nominate Katie McGrath I think she'd be a great Noldo lady, and a perfect match to Curufin. Age: 36 Height: 5' 5½"
  20. Haakon


    I nominate Michael Shannon Age: 45 Height: 6' 3¼" The casting criteria say: "Bard is a bit dark and foreboding - maybe a unibrow, craggy face, someone whose appearance makes people take a step back (not 'cute' or 'sunny'), dark coloring" Michael Shannon has...