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    That Lag!

    So, I was listening to the class on Twitch. It is literally many minutes behind! I ran with folks where everybody else ran, and we were at the mathom house while Twitch was finishing up the central square! Ways to deal? Thanks
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    Concerns from my Kinmates

    I wonder if a more elegant solution would be to move that hall to a more suitable location, while simultaneously providing a swift horse to it from the Scholar place in Bree, accessible to all even new toons. My newly hatched CaptainWrungel is right now standing in the giant marvelous Hall...
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    [Question] Who are your 'Grouping' toons?

    I only have Kuzya at 105. Kuzya is a guy. He is a dwarf champion, member of the Weaponsmith guild, a Courserrim kinman, with a house in Falothorn. Kozyllyn is 20, a Mythgard kinwoman. I only started her so she'd gather wood for Kuzya's woodworking, really. Both are on Landroval. I can play...