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    Rather random thoughts on Finnish language and culture

    I am often a bit behind because I never seem to wake up early enough to see the start of the ELOTR course, and normally have to leave for work before the live course is through. But I do watch. Last week there were some questions about the Finnish language and culture. I'm not a Finn, but I...
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    Kalevala Versions

    Sadly, I haven't yet read it, but Verlyn Flieger recommended the Eino Friberg translation to me back at Mythmoot. It's not available for kindle, though.
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    Epic battels

    Well that was fun yesterday- and a good way to get Marks and Medallions. Things do work better in a group!
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    Guardian Armor After the Armour of the Indomitable Protector

    My Guardian, Hodwald, has been running with the Armour of the Indomitable Protectorset for quite awhile now. That morale boost with Warrior's Heart really comes in handy! However, now it is starting to get a bit under level for me. Okay, more than a bit as I'm now 92. Is there another good...