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  1. Ange1e4e5

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    I was thinking of having Sauron and Shelob develop Black Speech down the line in the Second Age. Maybe Sauron and Morgoth develop this speech to hide their movements?...
  2. Haerangil

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    There would have been some sort of Melkian language in Anfband, probably a predecessor for Sauron´s invented language.

    Some of our Orc Names, Boldog, Gorgol, Lug, Othrod would come from that language.

    I think the Sauron-Shelob connection shouldn't be overplayed...
    Sauron calls her his cat, to him she´s a halfblood or some degenerate thing, not even really a maia, and to her - she´s only into eating and growing and breeding lesser spiders, she doesn´t care for Sauron´s schemes too much.
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    Agreed. It's so tempting but should be avoided.
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  4. Ange1e4e5

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    For Balrog weapons, maybe they can make their flames into axes, swords, knives, clubs, but not complex objects like bows? Kind of like the T-1000?
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  5. Ange1e4e5

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    Could someone please jog my memory: have any Balrogs been destroyed before Season 4?
  6. Nicholas Palazzo

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    About half of them, I think.
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    ?..weren't that ice-balrogs in comparison to fire-balrogs?
  8. MithLuin

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