I still think Ewan McGregor is a great choice for playing Beleg. Ewan really transforms into the role he plays and he's quite likable. He's done a number of roles, but he's by far most famous for playing Obi-Wan Kenobi in the Star Wars prequels. Many think that he was the best part of those movies. Rumour has it that we'll see more of him in the Star Wars universe in the years to come. He's fatherly and one we can sympathize with. Beleg's sudden death might be an even greater shock as Obi-Wan was one that always got out of tough situations in the Prequels.
Height is 5' 9¾" (1,77 m) and 45 years old.


Richol Richards

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I nominate Paul Bettany, who's amazing at playing kind, faithful, and likeable characters. Just look at those eyes. He'll make a great mentor and friend for Túrin. I can see his natural steady and wise aura balancing out Túrin's turbulent character.

I know he's already been nominated for Elwë, but I really believe Beleg suits him incredibly well. I think viewers will positively weep when his death scene comes up.


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Barry Pepper

5'10", 46 years old

Pepper's well known for his military characters and this might be a good role, the great captain and mentor as well as a religious man. The other role as the great archer and huntsman made me think of his role as Private Jackson in Saving Private Ryan.