Beyond the Index: a future for the Mythgard HoME discussion


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With the recent (from the current Morgoth's Ring discussion) comments in Mythgard Academy about what can come next after The War of the Jewels and The Peoples of Middle-earth (and the joke that it might be the Index volume) I thought that it might be a good idea to point out that there's a next Tolkien book in the works:

This seems like the natural progression of things - more Tolkien texts about Middle-earth to analyse!

Bruce N H

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That sounds really cool. I'd also like to put in my appeal for The Tolkien Reader. So much fun stuff to discuss:
Leaf by Niggle - probably my favorite Tolkien thing ever and I don't think we've ever done a discussion of it
On Fairy Stories
Farmer Giles
Poems! So many poems! We did the Bombadil ones once as a one-off, and of course the Man in the Moon both in the HOME books and in Exploring LotR, same with Errantry, but that doesn't mean we can't do them again. :) Plus many more. I think Frodo's Dreme would be especially interesting to discuss with Corey and all in light of previously reading through all of HOME.
I have to admit I usually skip past Beorhtnoth, but I think going through it with this group would be really fun.

Another thing I think would be really fun to dig into as a group would be Tolkien's translation work. I haven't picked up his translation of Beowulf that was published a few years ago, which we could read along with his Monster and the Critics essay and he's got another essay on translation (are these included in that published translation?). Or, and this would go well with our previous read of Mallory, we could read his Gawain and the Green Knight translation. I love that Mythgard Academy has been digging more into medieval works, so Tolkien's translation work would be a great marriage of these two areas of books we've been reading.