Boromir's rhetoric


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I'm *slowly* catching up to you so it might have been addressed before, sorry ^^

In episode 132 you discussed Boromir's speech : '[...] those who shelter behind us give us praise, if ever they hear our name: much praise but little help. Only from Rohan now will any men ride to us when we call.'

In the discussion you focused on the accusation it implies that all these people at the council ought to do more but i read this quite differently. Boromir's opening is statement is that the blood of Numenor is not dried up in Gondor and i read that passage as the follow up on that:

The blood of Numenor and the mission statement that comes with that is *all that we have left*. Every neighbor has broken their treaties with us except Rohan. Nobody knows how crucial and praiseworthy our work is and yet we do it anyway because we're just that great. We're still the keepers of the west and we don't intend on stopping.

Thank you for this great series and if i keep up the pace get to a live episode by the end of January. See you then !