Call for Papers: The Lamp Post

Richard Rohlin

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Hey there, Dragons and Eagles! We've recently received a solicitation from The Lamp Post, the journal of the Southern California C.S. Lewis Society. They're starting up again and are looking for high-quality content on the Inklings. I'm trying to get more details on the kinds of submissions they are looking for right now, but if you have a paper on Tolkien's Bimble Town poems or a cracking good essay on That Hideous Strength (or really anything else Inklings-topical), why not reach out to The Lamp Post's editor? Drop her a line at:
  • laurie.hatch AT
As soon as I get a more detailed CFP from Laurie I'll post it here. Watch this space.

Until then, may the wind under your wings bear you where the sun sails and the moon walks!

Richard Rohlin

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And here's the CFP from Laurie:

(You can also access it here:

Call for Papers: The Lamp-Post

of the Southern California C.S. Lewis Society

The Southern California C.S. Lewis Society brings together scholars, students, and others who share a passionate interest in C.S. Lewis and his writings. In the past, the society’s journal has maintained a strong scholarly tone while appealing to the interests of those outside the academy who are interested and inspired by the fiction and non-fiction of C.S. Lewis.

After a brief hiatus, the society’s esteemed journal The Lamp-Post is returning to publication. We are specifically seeking essays on C.S. Lewis, but essays on Lewis’s circle (e.g. the Inklings) and other influences will also be considered.

Potential themes of interest include, but are not limited to:

C.S. Lewis and rhetoric. What is Lewis’s relationship with rhetoric? Why do his writings continue to persuade? What is the relationship between apologetics and rhetoric?

C.S. Lewis and the media. Lewis’s works have been transformed by the mediums of film and the theater. Do these different mediums change Lewis’s work in any way? How so? Film brings both Lewis’s life and work to a larger audience, and often, to younger generations. Why might these genres continue the influence of Lewis’s apologetics and fiction? Do they hamper Lewis’s appeal?

C.S. Lewis and the Inklings. The writing group continues to prove helpful to both seasoned and budding writers. What does this most famous of writing groups continue to reveal about the writing process?

C.S. Lewis and Children’s Literature. Both Tolkien and Lewis exerted immense influence on contemporary children’s literature. Children’s authors often have both positive and negative reactions to this influence. Is contemporary children’s literature moving away from this influence or are transformations under way?

We also seek original poems which capture the style or spirit of the themes which Lewis and the Inklings embraced.

Submitted essays should not exceed 6,000 words. Please send all submissions to [email protected]. Essays should be MS Word documents and be formatted according to the most current MLA style handbook.

Laurie Hatch, PhD

Assistant Professor of English, Vanguard University

Editor, The Lamp-Post of the Southern California C.S. Lewis Society


New to the whole cfp world, but this looks like a good place to start! Am I right that there is no deadline for this one, more like rolling admissions/submissions?