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Maybe I'm the only one who sometimes forgets the actors who have already been cast, but I thought I'd type up the list for reference in case anyone else needs it.*

Iluvatar: Ralph Fiennes

Melkor: Michael Fassbender


Manwe: Daniel Day-Lewis
Varda: Lucy Liu
Ulmo: Manu Bennet
Aule: Liev Schreiber
Yavanna: Gina Torres
Nienna: Marion Cotillard
Tulkas: Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson
Nessa: Summer Glau
Orome: Alexander Skarsgard
Vana: Amandla Stenberg
Mandos: Idris Elba
Vaire: Holly Hunter
Lorien: Alexander Siddig
Este: Lyndie Greenwood

Mairon: Simon Woods
Osse: Ben Schnetzer
Uinen: Sofia Boutella
Melian: Rachel Weitz
Olorin: Gael Garcia Bernal
Curumo: Domhnall Gleeson
Ungoliant: Morena Baccarin
Eonwe: Liam Hemsworth
Ilmare: Yoo-Jeong Kim
Gothmog: Chris Pine


Gilraen: Alicia Vikander
Elrond: Benedict Cumberbatch
Bilbo: James McAcoy
Estel: Jason Drucker

* This list was complied by re-listening to the casting episode, while at work. I am familiar with very few of these actors; if I mistook any of the castings, please let me know!
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Season 2:


Galadriel - Diane Kruger
Celebrían - Sally Hawkins
Arwen - Gemma Arterton
Eirien - Rebecca Ferguson
Celeborn - Patrick Wilson
Elladan and Elrohir - Colin Morgan and Ben Wishaw

Draugluin - Toby Kebbell
Thuringwethil - Carey Mulligan
Tevildo - Tom Waits

Arien - Julia Montes
Aiwendil - Matthew Lewis
Tom Bombadil - Kristofer Hivju
Fimbrethil - Maggie Smith
Treebeard - Patrick Stewart

Elves of Cuiviénen

Ingwë - Carey Elwes
Indis - Rosamund Pike
Finwë - Rufus Sewell
Míriel - Jennifer Connelly
Mahtan - Kevin McKidd
Elwë - Paul Bettany
Beleg - Ioan Gruffudd
Mablung - Luke Goss
Olwë - Joseph Fiennes
Círdan - Damian Lewis
Lenwë - Edward Hogg
Eöl - Mark Strong
Nurwen - Keira Knightly
Tatië - Emily Cox
Morwë - Matthew Goode

Elves of Valinor
Rúmil - Ben Crompton
Iminyë - Laura Dern
Fëanor - Richard Armitage
Nerdanel - Emily Blunt
Findis - Jennie Jacques
Irimë - Josephin Asplund
Fingolfin - Tom Hiddleston
Anairë - Vicky McClure
Finarfin - Dan Stevens
Earwen - Holliday Grainger
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Does anyone know why his last acting credit is in 2008? If he just switched over to stage productions, then I see no harm in it, but if he's sworn off film for some reason, I see why it's somewhat problematic.

Fantasy casting being what it is, it's not a big deal. Our only real rules are that the actor be alive and be cast at his current age (no 'so-and-so from the 1980s').
Season 3: (thanks to MithLuin)

Miscellaneous (Maiar/Villains)
Tilion - Darri Ingolfson
Boldog - Conan Stevens
Shelob (Voice) - Julia Bache-Wiig

Halbarad - Kieran Bew
Hamilcar - Aramis Knight
Teen Estel - Timothée Chalamet

Dwarves of Belegost (Broadbeams)
Norn - Errikos Litsis
King Azaghâl - Javier Bardem

Dwarves of Nogrod (Firebeards)
Telchar - Zoë Bell
Gamil Brôg - Brian Blessed
King Laurin - Brendan Gleeson

Elves of Beleriand
Lúthien - Jessica Brown Findlay
Daeron - George Blagden
Denethor - Matt Cohen
Saeros - Rob James-Collier
Galdor - Tom Payne

Maedhros - Armie Hammer
Maglor - Oliver Thompsett
Celegorm - Sam Claflin
Curufin - Ben Barnes
(Caranthir was not cast)
Amrod - Harry Treadaway
Amras - Luke Treadaway
(twins together)
Celebrimbor - Ezra Miller

House of Fingolfin
Fingon - Brandon Routh
Turgon - Pål Sverre Hagen
Aredhel - Charlotte Riley
Elenwë - Gabriella Wilde
Young Idril - Mckenna Grace

House of Finarfin
Finrod - Nico Evers-Swindell
Angrod - Chris Zylka
Aegnor - Scott Eastwood
Orodreth - Toby Regbo
Amarië - Maude Hirst
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Season 4 Casting Results:

Organized by location in alphabetical order.

Main Story: 1 F.A. to 260 F.A.
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Nobody i couldn't live with, but i am a bit surprised we have Gary Oldman as gandalf... though i have zero doubt he could pull that role.he's a true chamaelon and a great actor.
Nobody i couldn't live with, but i am a bit surprised we have Gary Oldman as gandalf... though i have zero doubt he could pull that role.he's a true chamaelon and a great actor.
Part of it had to do with the longevity; they expect Oldman to last longer than Irons since Oldman is 10 years younger, and partly because Irons was too obvious a choice.
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