Casting Draft for Beren and Luthien


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Also coinciding with the announced publication of Beren and Luthien, who would you like to see play the famous couple, barring whether or not the actors have already been cast on this forum? This thread is completely opinion based.

My personal choice for Beren would be Richard Madden. He's of a similar age to Beren and has played noble roles like Robb Stark in Game of Thrones and "Kit" in Cinderella (2015). His physical appearance is close to Jenny Dolfen's drawing of Beren, apart from the hair. Compare.

Madden as Robb Stark

Beren by Jenny Dolfen

My personal choice as Luthien would be Alicia Vikander. She has a somewhat elven look and she has also played royalty in A Royal Affair as Caroline Mathilde, as well as an android in Ex Machina and worked on The Danish Girl, where she won an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress. Vikander also has training in dance.


The Choice of Luthien by Jenny Dolfen
I do like Madden and wouldn't necessarily mind seeing him as Beren. I seem to recall a discussion where the Execs said Beren shouldn't be very handsome, though. Or am I just imagining it? I personally consider Madden to be rather attractive, and have always imagined Beren as 'roughly' attractive, so in that light I could maybe see it...

Alicia Vikander is lovely but has already been cast as Aragorn's mother, Gilraen.
Welp. To be completely honest I missed that and don't know how that happened. But my apologies! My former statements still stand re: Madden. I think those are good points you make about Vikander. I feel she has the perfect frame for Luthien and I can envision her dancing across the meadows. I had a slightly different face in mind for Luthien, but I'm still working on pinning down which exact actress fulfills that. Gemma Arterton is the closest I've come, so far. But I've mainly had her in mind for Arwen.
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So who would you suggest as Beren instead?

I second the Joel Edgerton nomination. He nails that ambiguous attractive/not*too*attractive Beren look pretty well for me. I can see him being more that serious/jaded/hardened sort of character. Runners up: Tom Hardy and *maybe* a heavily bearded Jake Gyllenhaal. I personally had Hardy in mind before, but haven't really been committed to it. I think Edgerton hits the mark pretty close.
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Of the actors above my vote goes with Joel Edgerton, but all actors are not tall enough. So I throw in Tom Mison (UK actor) who is at least 6' 1" tall. Handsome yet adventurous.
Suggestions for Elwe (Elwe post):
Yes, Elwë should be our tallest elf. I mean, we can give him platform shoes and always let him stand higher than other people, but it might help to start with a tall (6'+) actor.

Paul Bettany is 6' 3-1/2".
Christian Bale and Dan Stevens are 6' even.

So Luthien should be tall too, and in my mind Beren should be about the same size as Luthien. So I would suggest 6' for them if Elwe is 6' 3".
I was thinking of specific actresses for Luthien.

Yeah it's hard to find a tall actress that is beautiful, can sing and dance, acts convincingly and knows how to fight!

An interesting choice for Beren and Luthien would be Armie Hammer and Elizabeth Chambers who are both actors and a couple in real life.


If you think Elizabeth is not tall, yes she is 5' 10". She appears tiny because Armie is 6' 5". Their advantage is obviously their intimate bond and natural understanding for each other. Not sure how good their acting really is ...
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I want to put this out while I have the chance.

I think Ashley Callingbull would be a great idea for Luthien. She's the former Ms. Universe but also has a small but impressive acting resume. She also competed in Canada's version of the Amazing Race where her team came in 3rd so she's no slouch in the athletic department. She's 5'10" and being a member of the First Nations of Canada, would bring an exotic look to the role.
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