Chapter 25 Beeowhelp - macduff


“My daddy was the greatest hunter in the world more drinks barkeep lets all drink to his honor.” Even for a youngster he had a shrill voice. The barkeep replied with a sour look and asked “You understand that you need to pay for this right?” The youngster looked in his pouch and found that it was empty and then with a gulp said “Well this might be a problem.” Soon about 6 or 8 hands were on the youngster and he was being tossed into the street he had already made quite the bar tap and the barkeep was in no mood for funny jokes about free drinks.

The youngster stood up and dusted the mud and dirt off his clothes and yelled “Fine I will find my father Beowulf without your help and your bar is dirty and your liquor sucks and you all smell bad and you can’t hold your liquor and other thinks I can’t think of right now but I will be back and yell more insults at you later!” One of the vampires from castle Lionel heard the name Beowulf yelled out and began to stalk the youngster. Once it was time and the youngster was alone in a dark alley he stumbled into the vampire jumped in front of the youngster and showed its fangs and claws at him. This was enough to cause the youngster to faint. He fell with a thud and the vampire carried him all the way to the castle and put him in a cage then called for Grievula.

When Grievula found him in the cage the boy was passed out. He was snoring loudly but was un harmed. Two lesser vampires were standing with Grievula and one of them threw water on the boy to wake him up. When the boy woke up his soul was frozen as he made the mistake of locking eyes with Grievula. After looking at the young one the vampire left and went to fetch his Master the diabolical Virgil. Virgil was annoyed at Grievula when he arrived without the young lad.

“You useless bloodsucker get that boy here to me now. I do not have time for an overgrown mosquito” Virgil said in a mocking tone. Grievula lowered his eyes and went out of the room. Nobody has ever talked to me like that before he said to himself. Shocked the vampire did his masters bidding.