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  1. Haerangil

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    that would look disgusting... i like the Idea!

    Question is: Do we HAVE to go for a more natural/animal look? I mean... technically the dragons are something like demon-possessed Mutants right? So they can look weird and unnatural...

    legless Dragons... i think we have them in Lost tales, but they don#t appear inh later texts anymore. I still think we could have them on and off... but not for any of the great, named Dragons.
  2. Haakon

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    I like the slime idea but remember he's a fire dragon.
    ALso, I don't want us to lose the snake look.
  3. MithLuin

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    "Slime lizards" are, of course, salamanders - which have some dragon-y connotations, as well.

    While we are clearly creating a new creature (not directly based on anything in the natural world), there should be 'hints' of real organisms - particularly in the bone structure of how this thing is put together. No one is going to believe that the Babylonian dragon can actually walk around with those legs - as soon as you see an image like that start moving, it's just going to look...fake.

    Think about the wings of Peter Jackson's Fell Beasts that the Nazgul rode. Did they seem...weirdly big? Did they look funny when they showed them wrapping around stone structures when they had landed? If you got that impression, it's almost definitely because they have an extra joint that you wouldn't see in, say, bats. Which is fine - they aren't bats, they're magical flying whatevers, but that's the point - any changes in realism can give the creature an...odd...look, and you have to be subtle with it, or the audience is going to see the CGI, not the effect.
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  4. Faelivrin

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    I thought that both Glaurung and Smaug left some kind of poisonous slime trail wherever they crawled, that horribly defiled rivers and killed everything. Glaurung is also apparently surrounded by a cloud of heat or fumes, or at least produces poisonous fumes whenever he gets wet. Even when dry, his stench was enough to overwhelm one of Turin's three companions, right?
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  5. Nicholas Palazzo

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    If anything, I'd be concerned about the wings being too small for the creature. Quetzacoatlus had an immense wingspan for a much lighter creature, and scientists were not sure it could take off on its own.
  6. MithLuin

    MithLuin Well-Known Member

    Well, yes, it's hard for anything that big to be airborne. But six fingers is unnatural ;).

    Unnatural in a minor way you can get away with.

    Too unnatural, and the mind of the audience will automatically label it a fake. They'll see the CGI.

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