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I'm not sure how much of Dorthonion we will see this season - but I guess Mairon could be seen operating in the area since it is close to Ered Gorgoroth and Nan Dungortheb, wher it looks like he might have dealings with the offspring of Ungoliant.
Here are some pictures of the Scottish Highlands - but to seperate this from Hithlum, these have pine forests, as opposed to the more open fields of Hithlum.
I like that the 2nd is so green, we could have a strake contrasted at the borders between the Green of Dorthonion and the Ered Gorgoroth
Ok so the boss has said that it should be a beach forest and my pictures were line so here are some new ones
k9HKZ.jpg forest-of-birch-trees-bam2dc.jpg images.jpg kamchatka-volcanic-landscape-burnt-trees-larch-on-volcanic-slag-and-J5W1J3.jpg
I like the first on as I seem to remember there being a thought that the trees of dorthonion were what the trees of lothlorin were similar
Nice pictures! Not sure he meant Dorthonion though, think he talked about Doriath. But I could be mistaken.
Beech? I don't think so... Dorthonion should really be a dark, shadowy pine forest landscape!

Doriath is amixed forest of beech, oak and holly, but it's northern part taur na neldor is more beech.
No your right Haakon I got my D's mixed up :p this is a on going problem with me and Tolkien to many names that my little dyslexic can get mixed up!