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Finarfin's wife, Olwë's daughter, Galadriel's mother and Anairë's friend...we're only going to see her in relationship to the people around her, which will be particularly poignant when she loses so many of them. The kinslaying will kill her family, and we'll see the grief of it mainly through her eyes...and all of her children will go into exile...at least her husband returns to her?

She is one of the Teleri, having blond/silver hair and not fitting in with the Noldor of Tirion. The Teleri are laid-back, more into sailing than building, and might fit in well on the coast of California (hippies? surfers? Something like that.) I imagine her having a rather gentle disposition, but we haven't really shaped her character very much yet.

But, in an effort to re-cast the entire cast of Firefly, I nominate:

Jewel Staite

Age: 34
Height: 5'6"

I think she can portray 'sweet and innocent, with surprising inner strength' very well.

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