Elrond's foresight on Pippin

In my experience, we didn’t take any minors to war with us and we were all volunteers. We didn’t volunteer with the intention of killing others, but with the intention of standing between those who would kill, and those without the ability to defend themselves. Pacifism only really benefits the aggressors, because they can simply take over unchallenged.
I find your last sentence questionable at least but I like what yous said before.
However Boetius says that pacifists always win and the agressors always loose. Here and in afterlife. But that discussion should be continued in a different forum I guess

Rachel Port

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Yes, Jim, there is no mention of family with either Merry or Pippin, which is odd considering they are both from important families. No parents, no siblings. And after their return, the two of them live together at Crickhollow, not going back to their parental homes (or extended family homes in the case of Pippin). It's very strange, given hobbit culture.