Exploring the Lord of the Rings podcast status


It seems to be randomly updated, there was not updates for Exploring the lord of the rings and sil-film for a long time. Suddenly the newest sil-film showed up and a week later the 4 episodes before + 6 ELOTR showed up the same day. I HAD been doing some questioning through messages on the official Signum-pagen on Facebook,, but if that was the cause i do not know.

I only listens to the podcats btw.
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Yes, it is safe to say that there is no set update schedule. There were no uploads of the podcast over the summer. I cannot say why. I know that the podcasts are produced by volunteers, and that is all I know about the situation. I am glad to see that they are catching up on the backlog now.


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monthly is better than quarterly or worse. I suppose different volunteers work on different podcasts because Mythgard Academy is more or less weekly, but Silm Film and ELOTR are not. I am doing a better job of rationing myself.