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Fëanor is a larger-than-life elf who dominates the history of the Noldor, though he only lives for the equivalent of one Season of this show. He is attractive and charismatic, but has an angry streak so that those closest to him find themselves apologizing for his behavior. He lives in an idyllic land, the favorite eldest child of a king, and yet he loses his mother when he is young and never develops a good relationship with his step-family. He is brilliant at everything he tries; his method of showing someone up is to beat them at whatever they are best at. His love tends to be a bit possessive, and when he is wronged, he takes bitter vengeance. He is a skilled smith and extremely arrogant. He does not suffer fools and chafes under rules. Very little about him is noble and kingly, but he is an attractive leader (of the demagogue variety).

He is tall with dark hair and (probably) grey eyes. His name means 'Spirit of Fire'.

While we will no doubt have many nominations for the guy who makes the silmarils, I would like to start us off with:

Tom Hiddleston
6'2" and 35 years old

Best known for Loki and Henry V, he certainly knows how to play a conflicted hero (or villain) with some family issues. He could definitely encourage the audience's sympathy and is attractive enough to fit the part. His voice would work well for Fëanor's speeches.



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Tom Hardy

5'9 and 39 years old

Hardy can play an individual who was once noble, but becomes single-minded in his pursuit of a goal, be it love or revenge (i.e. Wuthering Heights). He's familiar with roles involving family issues and like Hiddleston, could illicit the audience's sympathy. Hardy can give grand speeches and be soft-spoken and threatening.


Connor Trinneer
5' 11" , 47 years old





I think he's got the ability to play charming or rash; can have a comanding presence, but also a vulnerability. Plus he's known in genre circles but isn't a huge name. Since time is no object, ideally from about ten or twelve years ago when he looked a little younger. Maybe he's a little short, but I was watching Enterprise recently and it struck me how right he would be for this kind of thing. There's a fire in there behind his blue eyes.
I nominate Leonardo DiCaprio for this role. He's an actor that demands attention from the screen and has a wide range of what he can play. If he's to play Fëanor, it's hard for the audience to know what to expect. They'll get that Fëanor is important of course, but that is just good. Fëanor is a complex character and a master actor like DiCaprio fits extremely well for tasks as these. He's played in a lot of great movies such as Titanic and Inception. He finally won an Oscar for his role in The Revenant.

Height: 6' (1,83 m)
Age: 42
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I nominate William Moseley. The actor who plays Feanor needs to be able to communicate a lot just with his face, and in the tone of his voice. William Moseley is great at that.

IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0608440/?ref_=fn_al_nm_1
Age: 29
Height: 5' 10"

Here are some relevant clips in case you need persuading (from 2008, so obviously he's older now - I just think he did a great job acting in Prince Caspian) :

(start around 2:30)

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I was surprised myself when this one sprang to mind: Bradley Cooper

As an oscar-nominated actor he has a proven track record, delivering diverse performances to acclaim. He was viscerally raw in Silver Linings Playbook, emotionally taught and contained in American Sniper, charming as all hell in A-Team, super douchey (American Hustle), and ubermenschy (Limitless).


He's also a supreme specimen.


But American... Can Feanor really be American?

Well... I got to thinking... and if we really wanted Feanor to stand out from the rest what better way than to cast him from the land of "exceptionalism"?
Age: 42
Height: 6' 1"