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The King of the Noldor never really quite learns how to be king. To be fair, the concept of kingship is new to his people, and he fell into it kinda by default. He is easily swayed by his relationship with others. His friendship with Elwë (and later Ingwë), his marriages to Míriel (and later Indis) - he's constantly being pulled in various directions by those around him. It's not overly surprising that he winds up going into exile with his oldest son Fëanor. He is the only elf to remarry - ever, and while the people seem to accept the scandal of his remarriage, his family lives in an uneasy truce. He is the character who sees us through the 2nd Season from 1st to final episode, with episode 13 culminating with his death (a noble sacrifice, though mostly off camera).

Finwë is dark-haired.

First nomination:

Enzo Cilenti

6'-1" and 42 years old

This Yorkshire man (of Italian decent) has an earnest film presence, but has played characters who are outmaneuvered by those around him. I think he has the proper level of intensity for the role, though we'd clearly have to shave him to make an elf of him. His television work includes Game of Thrones and Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell, where he made a *fantastic* Childermass.



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I nominate Rufus Sewell. He has great charisma, and would do a Finwë who is passionate and daring, which would make him quite close in temperament to Fëanor, but more restrained. He is 6' tall and 49 years old.

He's played Ali Baba and Agamemnon. He is regal and adventurous, sensitive and strong. He is born to play Finwë.

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Mark Ruffalo - Adept at emotionally complex and subtle roles, revealing vulnerability and an inner well of strength, which will be required for a character that has the propensity for appearing weak.

Not quite such a pretty/angular elf, and also a bit older than most of the Feanor nominations.

Age: 49
Height: 5' 8"