For all participants: How to direct questions to Corey

Trish Lambert

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Hello! Here are the ways you can ask Corey questions whether attending live or listening/watching after the fact.

If you are attending classes live by watching the Twitch stream:

  • That chat area on Twitch will not be monitored by Corey. That chat is for participants to chat amongst themselves.
  • To send a question to Corey, you will need to use the SignumU Discord text channel called lore-hall-questions-for-corey. Use this channel only to direct questions and comments to Corey.
  • NOTE: You can listen to the real time audio channel (Twitch has a small time delay in broadcasting) by going to the Lore Hall audio channel in Discord. (If you do this, be sure to lower the volume of the Twitch stream all the way.)
If you are attending in-game, in game communication channels will not be monitored and Corey will have the speech bubbles feature disabled. You will also need to use the lore-hall-questions-for-corey text channel. Again, use this channel only to direct questions and comments to Corey.

If you are watching/listening to a recording of the class and have questions/comments, or you think of something after class is over you want to ask, post those items on this forum.

Let me know if you have giggle.

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