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I nominate Elizabeth Debicki.
She is almost 6'3" tall. She can play both younger and older Galadriel and convey both passion and loss. She might not be that well known but she was in Gatsby (Jordan Baker) and in the Scottish play (Lady MacDuff). She's a good actress who has great strength, and we won't regret giving this magnificent, demanding role to her. She is 26 years old.
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What about Margot Robbie? She's not as tall as others (5'6") but she's proven her acting chops (Wolf of Wallstreet in particular), was able to channel feminine strength in film inundated with masculinity (Tarzan), and has the grace of a dancer (ballet in the past, and starring as Tonya Harding the ice skater in an upcoming biopic). She is 26 years old.

She's also rather celestially beautiful, which a touch of fire.