Guardian Armor After the Armour of the Indomitable Protector


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My Guardian, Hodwald, has been running with the Armour of the Indomitable Protectorset for quite awhile now. That morale boost with Warrior's Heart really comes in handy! However, now it is starting to get a bit under level for me. Okay, more than a bit as I'm now 92.

Is there another good set available from a trader/merchant, or at this point is the stuff I'm picking up from the landscape the best deal? I wouldn't have found the Galtrev set without a recommendation.



I would like a recommendation for this also, Since my Guard on Arkenstone is close to that lvl . I normally would just pick up landscape Armour until hitting 105, but if anything would fit better now I would love to know.


Well, there's a real gap in sets between 85 and 100. At 100, you would be looking at the DA or Osgiliath sets, and MT vendors have some as well. Those are essence sets, and pretty good - in fact, my Nitesh still is in the set of Heavy Nadhin armour I got for him in DA doing the City Watch dailies. There is also a set specifically for Guardians but I've generally found the customization of the slotted essences beats those. But yeah, that's when you get to 100 ...

At 95, there's stuff available in Rohan at the various quartermasters - from individual pieces to crafted sets - and I'm pretty sure the QMs can be found in other locations, like Aldburg; and in Fangorn - crafted set recipes only. These can help you bridge the gap., and the Fangorn armour in particular is very good for the level (it was top end-game for a little while, until Gondor dropped) if you can get it made (it's not cheap).

Previous to 95, I wouldn't ignore stuff you find on the landscape and epic quests through Rohan, because some of it WILL be better than what you got at 85. And it may just bridge you to 100, if you're feeling cheap (not unwarranted, given how much later stuff costs).