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I figured this could be a general-purpose thread for discussion about the Half-Elves

but mostly I wanted to share my random too-late-at-night mentally-unwell epileptic tree idea about the sons of Dior.

Nobody knows their fate for certain. Some think they froze to death or starved in the winter. Some people say the birds succored them and led them to Ossiriand. I've seen a fan idea that they were raised by Ents.

What if they were succored by animals who Beren (the vegetarian who talks to ordinary animals) and Dior had befriended in Ossiriand. They learn to talk to animals. Bears adopt them. As adults they learn to shapeshift into bears (their grandmother had weird shapeshifting powers). As Morgoth conquers Beleriand and Ossiriand, they travel east with the Ents and their animal friends. They wind up in the Misty Mountains, where they marry some hairy Easterling women and father a dual lineage of hairy vegetarian werebears who talk to animals.
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I don't think we need to expand on this. No definitive answer needs to be given, but I would like it strongly implied they starve. It's one of the cruellest and most evil acts of the Sons of Feanor.