House of Finarfin

I don't know what to think about Angrod. But I think perhaps Chris Zylka could fit. So, my House of Finarfin at the moment (without Orodreth):

(Jonathan Groff as Finrod, Chris Zylka as Angrod, Teresa Palmer as Eldalotë, Scott Eastwood as Aegnor and Diane Kruger as Galadriel)
I honestly don’t know but it seems that it’s been decided that he’s a grandson. It’s mostly because we can’t introduce too many new characters in one season, since Orodreth is born in Valinor in any case and would probably be old enough to be shown as a young adult here but the third generation are our youngest adults at this point so we have to wait with the next generation until season four, we can’t just introduce people, we have to focus on story.
Right now my favorites are:

Nico Evers-Swindell for Finrod

Max Irons for Angrod

Eddie Redmayne for Orodreth

Teresa Palmer for Eladote

and Scott Eastwood for Aegnor
I’m not really sure we’re putting Orodreth in this generation so I don’t have a clear idea about him.
Maybe not. But MithLuin suggested we have Irons and Redmayne be related, and I love the idea so much I'm going to keep it on record!
Where can I see Evers-Swindell? I wonder because I want to understand what’s appealing (and I don’t yet).