Ideas for Signum's New Shop!


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Introducing...Signum's new Redbubble Shop!

You can now order Signum gear online if you want to :) These designs can be placed on all sorts of objects - shirts, totes, travel mugs, coin purses, face masks, aprons, cell phone cases, tapestries, etc.

And the current designs are just the start! Have an idea for a new design? Suggest it here or e-mail it to [email protected]

Particularly welcome would be any inside jokes for Mythgard Classes, SilmFilm, Exploring Lord of the Rings, etc! Have you ever thought, "I need that on a t-shirt!" while listening to one of these podcasts? Now you can make that happen!
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Here's a sample from a redbubble store made by a friend of mine. Any other suggestions for political slogans for this year?
This is designed as a bumper sticker, but can be made into anything - a t-shirt, a throw pillow, etc!


Also...I am willing to transcribe phrases into Tengwar if anyone wants to incorporate that into their design. For Sindarin/Quenya translations, I can give it a try, but you will likely find more competent translators elsewhere at Signum.

I know it's an old political slogan, but it would be cool to make a parody of this with "Amdir" and/or "Estel" instead of the word "Hope." I'm not sure who's face to put on it, though. Finrod? Andreth? Aragorn (because his name was Estel)?

For SilmFilm, I feel like something could be made based on our joke about the lords of Gondolin wearing pajamas with the heraldry of their houses, but I'm not sure what exactly.
Please, take my $$$...
...for a t-shirt with hobbits throwing dishes out the window.

I have no artistic ability whatsoever, so someone please help me out.