In the water ...

Phillip Menzies

Staff member
I have always been fascinated by the idea of the echo of the Music being heard in water, but then how is this shown and how do we interpret this for the screen.
My first thought was that it was just Ulmo's theme, but then on closer reading I start to question that it is more than Ulmos' theme, it is "The Music", but is it just the nice bits or is it all of the music? I could imaging it being the purest form of the music which have to be the first theme being the original intent when all the Ainur were acting in harmony. I think the second theme being closely associated with Manwe is too specifically related to one Valar only when I think the water should be the echo of all the Valar working together.
Then I thought of Lake Ivrin in the Turin and Tuor stories. I know this is a long way in the future, but this could help to define the shape of things now. What if some of the corruption of the lake is associated with the fact that it echoes the turmoil and chaos of Melkor's interference in the Music. This is a tantalising idea that any music echoed in water anywhere in the series could actually echo the current events and so called "unfolding of the Music". It also allows us to utilise running water, waves or any form of water as a transitional device between scenes with accompanying music. This could become the hallmark of the show. "SilmFilm, the show about .... water"