List of characters to cast for Season 3

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Here is your list of characters we need to cast...refer back to previous year threads to make sure that you're not nominating someone that's already been cast. Also, do your best to think ahead in re: who we will need to cast in future seasons, just so you don't go all in now and then be bummed when the PERFECT role for that person who's already cast comes up!

Shelob (voice)?

Teenage Estel

Telchar, a female weaponsmith
Gamil Brôg, Telchar's master
Norn, a translator/ambassador
Azaghal, Lord of Belegost
Laurin, Lord of Nogrod

Elves of Beleriand
Galdor of the Havens

Elves of Aman

Idril (child)


Orodreth? (Son or grandson of Finarfin?)
Eldalótë? (glorified extra, the wife of Angrod - we don't need to cast her if we don't have a role for her, so...wait until we do?)
Amarië? (she will have a very minor role, but we'll see her in at least a few scenes, so we might as well cast her)

Here are the instructions on how to nominate someone!

This forum is ONLY for nominating cast members for Season 3. Do not comment on any of the nominations posted here.

One thread per role. If you want to nominate someone for a role that isn't already here, start a thread with the character's name. If a thread for the character you want to nominate for is already on the board, use that thread to post your nomination.

Include the following in your nomination post:
  • Actor name
  • Link to their page on
  • Height and age
  • Photos, no more than 3 (for Voice roles or characters who are known musicians, try to include a sound clip)
  • A short write up of why you are nominating this actor, referring to the specifications created for the character.

Actors are eligible to be nominated if they are:
  • alive
  • have an imdb page
  • have not already been cast in this project
A list of roles already cast can be found here: Cast So Far
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Gandalf was never really brought into the Frame storyline this season, We'll cast him eventually. He has an appearance in the Season 1 frame.
Here's the progress so far:

Roles with 3+ nominations

Fingon: 4
Lúthien: 8
Celebrimbor: 4
Celegorm: 4
Teen Estel: 5
Caranthir: 3
Curufin: 4
Daeron: 3
Maedhros: 5
Hamilcar: 3
Azaghal: 3
Turgon: 3
Galdor: 3

Roles with <3 nominations

Elenwe: 1
Aegnor: 1
Maglor: 2

Amras: 2
Amrod: 2
Young Idril: 1

Gamil Brog: 2
Telchar: 1

Orodreth: 2
Halbarad: 1
Aredhel: 2
Boldog: 2
Laurin: 2
Finrod: 2

Denethor: 2
Angrod: 2

Saeros: 2
Shelob: 2
Norn: 1
Tilion: 1

Eldalote: 0
Amaire: 1

Edit: I greyed out the names that now have three or more nominations .
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I'm not sure it's necessary to cast Orodreth yet. He hasn't done or said anything yet, has he? Same with Eldalote.

What day/time is the deadline for nominations? I still want to make some, but I haven't been feeling well lately.
Thanks for the update, Richol! Nominations are meant to close today, so since I didn't specify a time before, we'll go with midnight in the last timezone in which it is still June 25th. Midnight in Hawaii is 12 hours from now, so if anyone has any last-minute nominations, be sure to get them in soon!

(We will save Eldalote for a later season.)
Thank you for answering my question Marie.

I'd rather not vote on Orodreth at all yet, with only one nomination on him, since we don't need to cast him yet.
There are currently 3 nominations for Orodreth, so we will be voting on his casting for Season 3.
When does the voting close? I am going to be really, really busy this week and unable to do anything this weekend.
Can we put Jonathan Groff through a replicator and cast him twice? If we just never write a scene in which Celegorm and Fingon appear together...

There are several actors who have been nominated for multiple roles this season. In the event that one actor wins the vote for two parts, it will be left to the Execs to decide which role to cast that actor in, and perhaps a runner-up will take the other role. There was an issue with this in Season 2, I believe, and it happens often enough in real-life casting, where an actor initially auditions for one role, but is later invited back to read for another role.

In general, our rule is that no actor gets cast in two roles, though there may be reasons to make exceptions in particular cases. For instance, it was suggested that the same actress could play both Lúthien and Arwen, but ultimately we decided against that.