LondonMoot April 28th

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  1. Darren Grey

    Darren Grey New Member

    Signum University is coming to Europe, with the first Mythgard London Speculative Fiction Symposium, aka LondonMoot:

    This is a one day event focusing on science fiction, fantasy and classical literature. There is currently an open call for papers for people to submit talk/session ideas (closing date 5th March). Confirmed speakers for the symposium include:
    - Dr Corey Olsen, Signum University president and host of The Tolkien Professor podcast
    - Dr Beatrice Grove, Lecturer in Renaissance English at Oxford and author of Literary Allusion in Harry Potter
    - John Garth, author of Tolkien and the Great War

    Tickets are £30 for the day, with discounts for students.

    I'm organising this, mostly out of jealousy of all the cool *moots over in the USA, and because there was clear community interest in having something over in Europe. Ask if you have any questions!
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  2. NotACat

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    I'm already booked in :cool:
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  3. Sparrow

    Sparrow Hestia of the Hearth

    Spectacular! Where should paper submissions be sent?
  4. NotACat

    NotACat Active Member

    I had an idea which might result in a paper if there were the slightest possibility of overcoming my crippling stage-fright but might work for a "session".

    People argue about what Ungoliant and Tom Bombadil might be, and where the Barrow-wights came from, and what "the spirit of Caradhras" might actually be. I would like to go through the texts (as JRRT would recommend ;-) to find any mention of anything "spirit-like" to see whether light could be shone upon this subject.

    My personal headcanon is that there is a pool of spirits even more numerous than the Maiar from which Ents and Eagles are drawn, among others, and that Morgoth and Sauron found a way to coerce and corrupt them, and it would be nice to be able to give that some kind of validation from the original texts.
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  5. Darren Grey

    Darren Grey New Member

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  6. Darren Grey

    Darren Grey New Member

    Last week for the LondonMoot Call for Papers! Deadline is March 26th.
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