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In the June 25 Exploring the Lord of the Rings class Corey spoke briefly about Bored of the Rings and the relative lack of Tolkien parody. I mentioned this in the thread, but back in the 90's the rec.arts.books.tolkien usenet newsgroup (anyone else here a veteran of that board?) crowd-sourced a parody version where one person would do a chapter, and then the next would pick up with the next chapter, etc. Here's the link:


I did a couple of the chapters (A Conspiracy Undressed and Deem's Help). One thing to note that may explain some of the jokes - this was being written as the Peter Jackson movies were in the early stages of production, so there were lots of rumors - most notably that PJ was going to turn Arwen into a warrior princess leading an elven army to Helm's Deep - that got picked up in the parody text.

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back in the 90's the rec.arts.books.tolkien usenet newsgroup (anyone else here a veteran of that board?)
[raises hand] I was there! I didn't contribute to the the parody, but I'm sure I posted enough silliness besides. I posted variously as Jim Deutch or as JimboCat (an appellation bestowed upon me by my younger son). I miss a lot of those old veterans: we had some very excellent discussions. Maybe I should read through the UseNet (now "google groups") archives for ideas I can steal and post here ;)


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Lack of parody? Bored of the rings, the boggit, the soddit, the sellamillion, the sillymarillion, lord of the earrings, lord of the weed, ring thing, lord of the g-strings, lord of the bling, lord of the beans, fellowship of the egg-salad, trouble of the rings...
then there's tons of it on the internet. But i agree... almost none of these are funny in the closer sense... theyre all rather stoopid.
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I probably should have said "lack of -good- parody", but I might be mis-characterizing what Corey said. It's debatable, of course, whether the rec.arts.books.tolkien project counts as "good" or not, but it was fun to be part of.