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  1. Ange1e4e5

    Ange1e4e5 Well-Known Member

    Anyone you have in mind?
  2. Haerangil

    Haerangil Well-Known Member

    The pic of findley dancing convinces me..
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  3. Faelivrin

    Faelivrin Well-Known Member

    I am almost 100% clueless about actors, so no I have no specific suggestions except for Curufin.
  4. Ange1e4e5

    Ange1e4e5 Well-Known Member

    So, are we going for an older or younger Luthien?
  5. Marielle

    Marielle Well-Known Member

    Fully adult; I'm thinking mid-20's? We don't want her to look like a Disney princess (you know the old joke: you know you're an adult when your reaction to Ariel saying "I'm not a child!" is "you're 16. Yes, you are."), and with the rough life Beren has, the actor is going to have to look worn and therefore older, and we don't want them to be... unsettling together for a modern audience.
  6. MithLuin

    MithLuin Well-Known Member

    Hmmm, I think that an actress who reminds me of Gemma Arterton is Stella Maeve. She's been on the Law and Order TV shows.


    No idea if she can dance or not, and she is rather short (ie, my height).

    Oh, there's this clip, but this wasn't meant to be a serious dance scene!
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  7. Haakon

    Haakon Administrator Staff Member

    Umm.. I'm not convinced, I think there's something about her voice that doesn't fit with my idea of what Luthien should sound like. Almost a bit hoarse, if you know what I mean?
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  8. Ange1e4e5

    Ange1e4e5 Well-Known Member

    Just found this video of Daisy Ridley... At least the video says it's her.
  9. Ange1e4e5

    Ange1e4e5 Well-Known Member

    She looks a bit like Oona Chaplin.
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  10. Haakon

    Haakon Administrator Staff Member

    Yeah you're right! We should put them in a family somewhere.
  11. Ange1e4e5

    Ange1e4e5 Well-Known Member

    What do you think of the videos I found of Daisy Ridley?
  12. Haakon

    Haakon Administrator Staff Member

    I'm not going to support her playing LĂșthien, sorry. I know you've been having her in mind since the beginning but she is not my idea of Luthien, I'm afraid.
  13. Ange1e4e5

    Ange1e4e5 Well-Known Member

    I actually didn't know that joke. Well now I do...
  14. Ange1e4e5

    Ange1e4e5 Well-Known Member

    Any ideas?
  15. Richol Richards

    Richol Richards Well-Known Member

    Is anyone here familiar with Lana Del Rey? I only know she's a singer and not much else...

    Anyway, I came across this random picture of her while looking up a song from an ad and it jogged my thoughts towards Luthien. So I did a cursory image search and found she and Arterton, while not really identical, maybe share *some* fleeting resemblance in a few, (very) specific photos. Interestingly enough, according to the internet they are the same age and height...

    Screen Shot 2018-03-12 at 11.25.56 PM.png
    Del Rey

    Edit: I actually find she looks a bit more like Natalie Portman, if anything. But it's not like we could really maximize on that, anyway.
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