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I nominate Robert Daymond:


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If it's okay with everyone, I would vote we wait to cast this generation until later. To see the roles that will be nominated this time around, please see the cast list thread.
For handsome, tall and auburn haired oldest son of Fëanor, the best option we've found so far I think is without question Armie Hammer:
Jamie Dornan
Age: 35
Height: 6'0"
Notable Roles:Christian Grey in Fifty Shades of Grey, Jan Kubis in Anthropoid, Pat Quinlan in Siege of Jadotville



I’ve considered him and I even thought I had suggested him... There are just a few things that make me hesitant, mainly that he could be taller and also just a bit younger.
My current suggestion is Henry Cavill.

He's 34 and 6'1" and handsome enough :p

He's Superman in the newer movies (though I haven't seen those). He does play Suffolk (Charles Brandon) in The Tudors, though, and thus has an interesting blend of ruthlessness, period-typical honor, and some conflict over following a ruler whom he did not always believe to be right. Basically, I think he's managed to capture the pride and brutality that is necessary for any Son of Fëanor while still delivering a very sympathetic portrayal of such a character. He's also Humphrey in Stardust :p.
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I've seen him in all three roles and agree with that point about his playing Suffolk. I do think he's a fitting contender for Maedhros. But yes, I wish he were taller. I mean, we could always use platforms if it came to it...but it would be nice not to have to.
Sam Heughan is 6'3 and a natural redhead.

(roughly copied and pasted from what I said in an earlier thread):

"....he's pretty attractive. This would work well for a role where a particular character is known for his swoon-worthiness. ........ but other than looks, I've seen Heughan's character in Outlander; he has fighting experience, can be rather passionate about his convictions, and has some pretty dark moments."

Expanding on the dark moments part (without going into detail) - what he goes through has a lasting impact on him and, though he eventually is able to move past what happened, it's obvious he'll never quite be the same person again. He generally strives to do the honorable thing but often is called to go against his personal beliefs to achieve more pressing, bigger-picture goals, or to resolve certain personal situations around him (mostly involving the people he cares about).

Fun Fact: Heughan evidently has a brother named Cirdan. :D

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I almost forgot to mention this, but whoever plays Maedhros needs to be ambidextrous. He needs to switch from doing many or most things (swordfighting, at least) with his right hand in Seasons 2-3, to doing everything with his left.
I almost forgot to mention this, but whoever plays Maedhros needs to be ambidextrous. He needs to switch from doing many or most things (swordfighting, at least) with his right hand in Seasons 2-3, to doing everything with his left.
Good point! But I don't know how easy that information would be to find. And *maybe* an actor of sufficient physical ability could be taught? Didn't Freeman do all Bilbo's actions as right-dominant, even though he's naturally left-handed?
I think we will have to assume that this is something that will be added later, the actor chosen will train this ability. We can’t have that as an exclusion criteria or we’d risk ending up with no actor at all.
Many actors train to be able to do actions ambidextrously. For instance, there is often two-handed dagger-twirling in superhero films, and I doubt all of the actors are naturally ambidextrous!

Evangeline Lilly learning to twirl daggers as Tauriel:

In Thor: Ragnarok, Thor, Loki, Hela, Valkyrie, Hulk (who is CGI), and Executioner all wield two weapons at once at various times throughout the film. I do not know whether the actors in question are naturally right-handed or left-handed.

Example fight scene:

But yes, 'ability to train to do everything left-handed' is part of Maedhros' actor's job description, that's for sure! But since we typically don't know whether an actor is left-handed or right-handed, I don't think it necessary to make natural left-handedness a requirement.

FYI, Sam Heughan's character Jaime Fraser on Outlander is left-handed. Therefore, fans have asked the actor if he too is left-handed, and he said "No." Love story aside, I feel there's a lot of overlap between the character of Jaime Fraser and Maedhros. The left-handed thing just adds to that.

A fan page I found lists Henry Cavill as right-handed as well.

While injured, Armie Hammer signed autographs left-handed and joked that he was (sorta) ambidextrous:
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I remember something like that for Game of Thrones; Arya Stark is left-handed, while her actress Maisie Williams is right-handed. Another character, Davos Seaworth, is missing the fingers of one of his hands. It was the left hand in the books, but they changed it to the right for the show since Liam Cunningham is left-handed.

It isn’t as bad as handling guns. Bruce Willis is left-handed and the production team for Die Hard had to modify a Beretta 92F so he could use it.
Welcome to the Silmfilm forums! Really - is Keanu ambidextrous? I didn’t know that. Has he used that in any movie?
Thanks! This is a cool project. I wish Amazon would pay attention to it as they create their series!
Yeah, I found that out, he is. Maybe he used it in John Wick but to be honest I'm not really sure.