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During this week's discussion, it was mentioned that Manwë should be a mature, white-haired character showing wisdom and strength, and the possibility of him being Native American was raised.

Here is my first nomination:
  • David Midthunder
  • Born in 1962, he is a mature actor with a fairly striking gaunt face and fits the physical description put forward. We'll need to do some adjustments for the white hair, but I'm not too worried about that. LotR fans may have seen him in 'Hidalgo' with Viggo Mortensen or 'Comanche Moon' with Karl Urban, when he played Famous Shoes, a very unflappable tracker who had no concerns at all about the horse thieves they were looking for. He was also White Crow in 'Into the West.' Here is a short 1 min. clip to show his speaking voice and ability to portray calm strength in a role:
Clip from 'Longmire'

Please post additional nominations below.
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I'm nominating Daniel Day-Lewis.

He has warmth. He can be regal but he has a kind of shyness that gives him the air of humility. He is also a wonderful actor and one who is deeply serious about his acting, he does almost anything to get it right.

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Cliff Curtis- IMDB Page

Cliff Curtis has 25 years of acting experience in both television and film. His resume has many varied roles, and (as of this post) his last film role was as Jesus Christ is Risen (2016)- that's about as Manwe-ish as you can get. (Yes, I realize that Jesus and Manwe are nothing alike. Just laugh at my jokes, dangit!) He's 47 which seems about the age we were looking at for Manwe.

I'm also very keen on the idea of have the Valar 'siblings' be of the same 'ethnicity' so to speak. Our distinguished EP's had decided that they wanted Manwe to possibly be Native American/Pacific Islander looking. If it were my choice, I would have Melkor also be in the Native American/Pacific Islander area. He just needs to be pale. Pale is a measure of intensity, not tone. There's a difference. You can be a pale Pacific Islanders or Native Americans. Anyways, Cliff Curtis is of Maori descent. I also feel like he should get bonus points for being a native New Zealander.


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I know that the effects described in the discussion will have to be added in on this actor, and he himself proposed he play Olorin in a Silmarillion adaption, but wouldn't the ideal actor for Manwë be Scottish actor James McAvoy?


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