Manwe's Theme

Phillip Menzies

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I don't think you can go past "Nature's Reclamation" theme from the Lord of the Rings movies. Having reread the relevant passages from the Silmarillion I would not be at all surprised if Howard Shore had a copy of that next to him when he wrote it. It is always associated with Eagles and Ents (oh, and moths too). Tolkien envisioned these two entities being created from the same thought, the desire to protect the flora and fauna that the Valar had created so it is fitting that they share the same musical theme.
It is light and continues to rise and rise and rise but also has the ability to show amazing power which is appropriate for Manwe the Lord of the Valar who delights in air and wind.
This version is an edit of the many times it appears in the movies from Merry and Pippin talking about the Old Forest on the Eaves of Fangorn, to the moth visiting Gandalf on Orthanc and to the destruction of Isengard by the ents.

This next track is from the Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey and Howard Shore has used Nature's Reclamation but has also written a variation specifically for the eagles. I think we should be able to write a variation using the same rising sequence of chords specifically for Manwe.


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I completely agree. Nature's Reclamation gives me goose bumps every time. I think it might be interesting if we started the first note of the melody on the same note that we use for Iluvatar's theme.