Melkizadeeck sat in his favorite chair and watched the waters of the lake. He had a simple white robe and smoked his pipe. On lake Tonka his island sat. Thanks to some very advanced priest spells he knew he was able to grow crops at amazing speed and had no fear of running out of food. He could feed himself and the family of Otm Lidiabomb. His house was of modest size and the house of Otm was even smaller. Melkizadeeck had his house in the middle of the island while Otm’s sat on the quiet shore. Melkizadeeck was very kind and helped Otm whenever he could. He sat on the porch of his house in tranquil contemplation and soon he saw what he was waiting for. A small boat began to appear and Otm ran outside to help with bringing the boat in. Gaius and Ticius and Alexander came ashore and greeted Otm. Otm pointed towards Melkizadeeck and motioned the lads to go talk to him while he attended the boat. Melkizadeeck smiled at greeted the lads and said “Do not be afraid you will come to no harm on my island. I take it you found my note.” Gaius took out the note he found in the cave and nodded. “Thank you very much for your help we found your note and we were very amazed and grateful.” Your note had a lot of info about how to hunt and catch food for wilderness survival on the surface but how did you know about the CDF?” Melkizadeeck smiled and said “Come inside there is much to discuss.”

The house was very well kept and clean Ticius and Alexander noticed a mirror on the wall that seemed to release some type of energy. “My name is Melkizadeeck and I am a priest.” “I was once the highest-ranking priest in the Udelif empire and some still think I am I hope.” A small lizard crept up his feet and then rested on his arm. “I learned how to communicate with animals and these small beings give me news about the various dealings in our world. These lizards travel underground quite often and give me information about the CDF. I know about your dying king and your dragon friend and about your little expedition back to the surface.” “Do you know about my father” Chimed in Ticius. “Yes I have not felt so much anger in a person before.” replied the old priest. “You don’t have to worry about his anger anymore he is dead and gone now.” Said Ticius with a sad expression. “Dead? said the priest. No, he is not dead someone as powerful as your father I would have felt the life energy leave his body he was transported far away but not dead.” Ticius looked astonished and his mouth was wide open. He remained quite for a long time. Melkizadeeck stood up and made an announcement. “Come stay with me the night let us eat well then sleep in a small guest house I have set up around the back. In the morning I will tell you more that might help on your journey.” The three lads went to the guest house. It was nice and comfortable and soon everyone was sound asleep in three beds.