Melkor's Original Function


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I think I posted this in the wrong forum originally so I'm posting it here too. Related to the Morgoth’s ring series. What was Melkor’s original intended role in Ea from Iluvatar supposed to be before he was corrupted? How would Ea have been changed if he remained loyal? Or perhaps was he created to be the enemy to create a dichotomy whereby valor goodness and all precious things could exist?


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And i put my answer to that post here too:

Well, that certainly would set Illuvatar in a bad light of HE made Melkor bad...

Someone pointed out the chance of Falling in Tolkiens world seems to be higher the more gifted you are. Fëanor, Sauron and Melkor points to this. Also there seems to be a quite high percentage of Aulë followers (even Aulë himself was quite close). "


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Still though what role do you think Melkor was originally intended to fulfill in the creation of arda?
The one he has, because his Fall happened before Creation. Illuvatar allowed it to happen (not MADE it happen, big difference), because in the end it will bring greater glory to his creation. By the free will of Melkor.
Melkor could have accomplished Great Things, had he chosen to follow the "proper" path. He probably could have, by himself and in concert with others, made the ultimate vision presented by the Song come to pass many eons sooner that now will take to happen.

However, he chose to go rogue, follow his own path; and in the end, Great Things will still be accomplished, but they will be accomplished in Melkor's despte rather than with his willing cooperation. We can speculate how things would have been different had Melkor remained true, but only Illuvatar knows for sure.

In the end, the choice was always his though. Eru nver forced him or predetermined him to do anything.