Men (as in humans)

gorlim perhaps?

well i think we had found textual evidence that elves did wear fur... but maybe they needed less than men did, cause as you said they are much more resistant to cold.
Jeremy Irons.

welliver looks much as i had always envisionwd glirhuin ti look like... i don't even know if glirhuin will be cast.
I could see it, I guess. I'm not very good at imaging the actors in the abstract: once we're debating assigning actors to characters, I'll have a lot more to say.
Tenative cast list for Man characters (many thanks to LotR Wiki for check of names/relationships):

House of Beor:
Beor the Old-- young and old (?); 49 when he meets Finrod, 93 when he dies
(MINOR) Beor's sons Baran and Belen
(MINOR) Baran's sons Boron and Baranor
(MINOR) Bereg, a son of Baranor (?), who takes some of their people and departs from the story. This tale probably could be cut, I don't remember it going anywhere
*Boromir, son of Boron, father of Andreth
*Bregor, her brother
(MINOR) Bregolas, who dies in the Dagor Bragollach
(MINOR) Baragund, son of Bregolas, father of Morwen (with Barahir as outlaw)
(MINOR) Belegund. son of Bregolas, father of Rian (with Barahir as outlaw)
(MINOR) Arthad (with Barahir as outlaw)
(MINOR) Dagnir (with Barahir as outlaw)
(MINOR) Dairiun (with Barahir as outlaw)
(MINOR) Gildor (with Barahir as outlaw)
(MINOR) Hathaldir the Young (with Barahir as outlaw) -- of any of the minor outlaws, I'm tempted to make this one an actual character, if only because of his epithet. Is he a child? A teen? There's a lot of opportunity for pathos here.
(MINOR) Radhruin (with Barahir as outlaw)
(MINOR) Ragnor (with Barahir as outlaw)
(MINOR) Urthel (with Barahir as outlaw)
Gorlim the Unhappy
*Gorlim's wife

House of Haleth:
(MINOR) Haldan, son of Haldar
(MINOR) Haldmir, son of Haldan
*Hareth, mother of Hurin and Huor
(MINOR) Haldir, father of Handir
(MINOR) Handir, father of Brandir
(MINOR) Hiril, mother of Meleth
(MINOR) Meleth, mother of Manthor and Hunthor

House of Marach:
(MINOR) Adanel, daughter of Malach
(MINOR) Magor, son of Malach
(MINOR) Hathol, son of Magor
(MINOR) Gundor, son of Hador
*Galdor, son of Hador, father of Hurin and Huor
(MINOR) Gloredhel, daughter of Hador, wife of Haldir, mother of Handir

(MINOR) Borlach
(MINOR) Borlad
(MINOR) Borthand
Ulfang the Black
(MINOR) Ulfast
(MINOR) Ulwarth
(MINOR) Uldor

Notes: the names I've marked as minor are those who, pending developments of story-lines, I think we can cast as "unknowns". Those with * I am unsure, and those without notation need named actors, in my view. Again, all pending on story-line development; who knows, Belegund could become a major character in the lead up to the Beren story!

This leave us with:
29 "minor"/unknown roles
14 uncertain
18 "high-status" roles

Who am I missing? Whom have I grossly mistaken in importance, or lack thereof?