Merch Ideas

Nicholas Palazzo

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Hi Jim,

I know we are geeks who get geeky. I love the in jokes and the puns. I just wonder if that is the best branding strategy for Signum University?

Mithluin says that one of the objectives of the Merch is, 'getting the logo out there, or giving people opportunities/excuses to talk about Signum is also high on the list of 'why have merch?'

Yet most of the merch does not have the Signum logo on it anywhere. I think if people (ordinary fans, not just lore nerds and geeks) get the reference to a book they love, and see the Signum logo associated with it, this is more likely to 'give people opportunities/excuses to talk about Signum, and possibly attract more followers, fans, contributors, and students to Signum University and the Mythgard Academy.
There is a lot here that is good. I'd just like to remind everyone that there has been no comment from anyone in a decision-making position on this matter since last fall.


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Hi, scribbled this down in a minute during the very enjoyable silmfilm episode on harad culture for the s5 frame, i know it was half a year ago but if there was still interest in a shirt design of this i'd to clean up this design & the calligraphy