I finally finished reading the lord of the rings. I read part of it before and I seen all the movies but I never sat down and read the whole thing. I finally did so and I have much to say but the thing that strikes me as the most interesting is that Tolkien is 10 times the writer I am. My favorite character depends on what kind of day I am having. If I am having a good day its Gandalf but if I am having a bad day its Saruman. The only criticism I have is that is not a lot of action. There is a lot of dialogue and travel. This is probably because of my american upbringing with matching movies where an explosion goes off every 5 seconds. Next I'm going to start the Silmarillion.


Congrats on finishing LOTR! You will find the more your reread LOTR, the more you will enjoy , and get out of it. The Silmarillion will be a harder quest for completion, but stay with it and don't over worry too much about getting lost in all the named characters, and places. By end of book you will have a better grasps of everything that went on before. Good luck!