Mini moot

Howdy all!
With mythmoot up coming I am having a thought (which is very painful:D)
For those of us that are unable to make it I thought I may be nice to meet up in the game.
I am thinking of doing this at an European friendly time. Hoping that those that fancy joining me with have some good ideas as to what we can do cus I'm still not the best with the whole remembering think but you guys are way better at it then me.
If you know anyone who is on the server but not in the kin feel free to drag them along. Let me know what you guys think and we will start the planning.
See you all soon


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That sounds excellent, specially the timezone bit ;)

At risk of sounding like a stuck record, I wouldn't mind some help catching up with the Scavenger Hunt, but if people are bored with that I would like the chance to do some group content. If there's any preparation required, particularly if I need to grnd massively for LP to unlock anything, prior warning would be helpful :D
I was thinking that scavenger hunting would be a good plan that way any lvl can come but if anyone else has something else they would like to do I'm easy;).
Any thoughts on times?


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Well, my Landroval Hunter has just arrived at Esteldin, so the Fornost Instances look nice, but at Level 37 she might be a bit over the normal level for starting those (I blame festivals for all that lovely experience :p ). What do people think about the Great Barrow? Thing is, I haven't the experience to say which I like, so anything would be brilliant as long as I've unlocked it :cool: which means anything that comes with the North Downs, the Trollshaws or Moria :oops:

Good times for me here in the UK would be between 8pm and midnight on Fridays, and between 6pm and midnight on Saturdays, UTC+1 timezone.


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Actually I could probably manage between 8pm and 10pm (UTC+1 again) most weekdays. I'll tell my chaps to look out for Rosiebug ;)


Nice idea! Sadly I work Weekends, and live in the states on the east coast, (server time is my time) so probably wont be around when this happens, but ya never know. I mostly want to remind you that both Great Barrows and Fornost are scale-able instances, so you won't be over leveled for them.
Cool Thanks Fin.
If you are about just let us know and you are more then welcome. If we do late evenings our time that is afternoon server time which is a pain.
However I am off work that week (yippie :D) so am likely to be about at random times so just look for Rosiebug or Gaivin.
So I'm thinking 8pm (which is I think 3pm sever time) on Saturday 3rd June if the time for mini moot.
let me know what you think.
I'll let the chaps in game know about this over the weekend for those that don't forum.


Hm ... don't think I have anything going on that day at that time - if I do, it's either family or local friend stuff that I don't know about yet. If that proves out, I'll try to drop in for a bit.


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Sounds great and I'd love to attend! I'll put my vote in for scavenger hunts too, except my main is currently lv 53 and i still need to finish year 3 so i might be holding everyone else back
Not at all Pip my main is only on year 4 me thinks and as a group I'm sure we can blast our way though look forward to seeing you there


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My Landroval chaps are still working on Year Three, so I'll try to make sure I've done as much of that as I can on my own: I think I recall how to get to Henneth Annun and a couple of other places which are usually difficult for low-levels.

It was Obunt who nearly made it to Amon Hen before getting ambushed from behind, so he's very nearly finished that aspect of Year One also, but he's way behind on Years Two and Three :( how many Years are currently active?
I think 7 but don't quote me I'll me about most of the week on gaivin Rosie or my lovely now LM amglord so give me a shout if you need me


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I have just been informed that my services will be required as Dad Taxi this Saturday, so I shall need to go AFK a couple of times. I will try to minimise the disruption and apologise in advance if I muck up any plans :eek:

I have registered my displeasure at the lack of notice, pointing out that I had been mentioning this event for some weeks but my Wife countered with considerable accuracy that expecting my Daughter to pay attention to my schedule is beyond fanciful and leaning over the edge of ridiculous.
Don't worry cat man we can work round it I'm sure and yes daughter never pay attention to their dad's schedule trust me :)

Mattias Amnefelt

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Sorry about having to bail out and leave you guys in the middle of nowhere last night. I hope you were able to get out of there without too much trouble!


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Well, I have to apologise for having to go to bed just before attempting the two Bosses in The Maze :( I had a wonderful time and accomplished a bunch of stuff while enjoying beautiful scenery and good company :)

When can we do it again? :cool:


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Will this be happening again? Mootcast may divert some attention but you don't need to watch it live. No Festivals are planned to be happening though. :(