Mythmoot 2020 Script Reading


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If you are participating in this year's Mythmoot, there will be an opportunity to hear one of the Season 4 scripts read dramatically :)

Tomorrow (Friday) at 10:30 AM Eastern Time in the 3rd Room "Camelot" (in MootHub, #chat-3-camelot ), Rhiannon and I will be hosting a Casting Session to recruit readers for the project.

And then on Saturday at ~2:30, we will perform the dramatic reading in Room 2 "Coruscant"

Everyone is welcome to join in! You can participate in both sessions via MootCast or MootHub, and will simply have to register for them individually via GoToWebinar following the directions in your Mythmoot registration e-mail.
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I won't be able to watch the event, but I hope it'll be great fun for everybody =) And it'd be awesome if some participants of this event develop an interest in participating in SilmFilm, so I'm hopeful for that.


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Thank you so much to our wonderful readers! It was great fun seeing these characters brought to life, and sharing our adaptation with an audience.

Narrator - Mari Dole​
Major roles (> 10 lines):
Galadriel - Sharon Hoff​
Celeborn - Kathrin Heierli​
Finrod - Ed Powell​
Angrod - Rhiannon Cire​
Thingol - Alan Sisto​
Melian - Mattie Gustafson​
Lúthien - Kristina Kral​
Minor roles (< 10 lines):
Círdan - Rebecca Davis​
Beleg - Kristina Kral​
Mablung - Corey Olsen​
Guard 1 - Lynn Schlesinger​
Guard 2 - Mattie Gustafson​
Guard 3 - Sara Brown​
Major roles (> 10 lines):
Caranthir - Lynn Schlesinger​
Curufin - Sara Brown​
Amras - Corey Olsen​
Minor roles (< 10 lines):
Telchar - Marie Prosser​
Zigli - Rhiannon Cire​


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It is recorded, but would only be available to Mythmoot attendees - those who attended live saw it already, and (eventually) there will be an archive available (for MootCast/MootHub subscribers). However...we are strongly discouraged from stealing videos from that archive and posting them on the internet for the general public. The idea being that people did not give permission to have their videos out there 'in the wild'.