Naming a reborn elf


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If I understood correctly, the parents of a newborn child don't know if he/she is a reborn and if so, whose fëa the child carries. So the child does not get the name the fëa had before.
But we also learned that a child finds his/her own name after a while. Is it possible that this name is the same name the fëa had before, thus indicating who he/she really is?


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I would assume so, yes. Babies get a mother name and fathername, but a child chooses their own name around age 7ish, and 'here is what I am called' would be a clue.

The idea that resurrected elves are reborn as babies to unsuspecting elven parents is not an ideal solution, though. Better that the rebirth be shrouded in mystery in Mandos, and just have them 'return'.