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I know Olórin isn't doing much in season one but he needs to be there. As I understand it, it isn't clear which Vala or Valie he served, if any in particular other than Manwë and Varda who were king and queen of the Ainur. He dwelled in Lorien, and seem to have been a councellor of Irmo, but he is also associated with Manwë so perhaps he wasn't one of Irmo's people but instead one of Manwë's who just worked with dreams.
He is said to be the wisest of the Maiar, and seem prone to travel, but also strikes me as exceptionally humble.

I feel he has been neglected a bit in the episode plot discussions, which is a pity since he is supposed to be the most wise. We have to show that.

Before doing the casting, we have to decide who among the Valar he served, or if he was some kind of free spirit. I tend to think that he was one of Manwë's people (and many say that's obviously the case), or maybe Varda's (based on how she later acted when the Istari were chosen).
I might add that I don't think that I don't think that he is a "free spirit". That would be close to the chaotic nature of "Saruman of all colours"... While perhaps interesting, I think it would mess things up.
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Yes, I like Gael a lot!

He is a great actor, and his nose does match Sir Ian McKellen's hahaha

I had not noticed