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  1. Ange1e4e5

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    So I was doing a re-read of the Children of Hurin, and I was wondering: What should we do about Nellas?

    Is she Sindar? Green-Elf? And where should we introduce her? Because I think she should be introduced before Turin arrives in Doriath.
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  2. MithLuin

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    IF we include her in the story, I think she should be introduced later, most likely during the Beren and LĂșthien story.
  3. Faelivrin

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    I want to include her because her witness testimony is instrumental in Turin's pardon.

    She's also supposed to be his friend when he was a child. So was she also a child, or an adult? Or the equivalent of a teenager? Turin only lives in Doriath for 12 years, so if she is a child at the start of his story she can only grow up a little bit. 12 years for an elf-child is the equivalent of 4.5-5 years of growth for a human child.

    It seems suggested she was older than him, and interestingly when Beleg mentions her, Turin either doesn't remember her, or pretends not to remember. That might mean that she only played with him when he was 8-9, and not later.
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