Orcs could be kind of like Ents in a twisted fashion


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In Session 28 of "Morgoth's Ring", Corey says that
Orcs can only have independent will and reasoning powers if they are Children of Illuvatar, because only the Children of Illuvatar have that.
But we know that Ents have "independent will and reasoning powers" without being Children of Illuvatar.

Furthermore, NitrasTheAwesomeOne said in the Twitch chat:
Theory: Morgoth created orcs by torturing elves until they gave up their bodies, then filling the empty shell with his own will and malice.
to which Tarlonniell replied:
But then they shouldn't have independent will and reasoning power, as in point #1.
My head-canon is that Melkor—possibly via Sauron or other minions as per SilmFilm ;) —did indeed torture Elves that he captured from Cuivienen until their fëar escaped, and then called down spirits aligned to himself which he stuffed into the now-available hröar to pilot them.

We know that Ents were able to procreate, since Treebeard laments that there will be no more Entings, so these Orcs—created in a twisted fashion like Ents—should be able to do so also.

I have similar views about Werewolves and possibly Vampires, but we don't get to see nearly so much about how they live. I would like to think that Werewolves are to Wargs and ordinary wolves, and Vampires are to the Bats from Gundabad and ordinary bats, as Ents are to Huorns and ordinary trees, but I have a nasty suspicion that someone might say that would make a good moot-paper ;)