Part 7 back to the past - Macduff


Virgil spit up blood and he cursed out loud. His end was near so he put into motion his plan. He went over to a chest in his chamber and picked up a mirror and placed it on the wall. He stared at the mirror for a while and memories came back to him about how he found it.

Dragons fire was all about the castle inside The Den. A group of soldiers led by Virgil himself stormed into the inner chamber of the castle. They were all ready to fight with Mason himself. Paramaximus with Dante and Trisha were fighting outside the castle keeping the troops of the undead lord at bay. Inside the inner chamber Mason casted a spell and summoned a bunch of skeletons to help in the fight. The soldiers of Virgil started all out combat with these. Virgil and Mason stood with eyes locked. Like two boxers before a fight eyeing each other up seeing who would flinch first. Virgil was wearing his black robe. He had a large staff with runes written on it. He also had a small knife at his side. He wore a small golden chain around his neck. This chain had no magical abilities but was used to mark him as a man of importance.

Virgil full of confidence barked out his words. “This is where a good man would offer you the chance to surrender.” He then smiled and continued. “I however am not a good man and I will see you banished back to hell!”

Mason fired a green bolt of lightning at Virgil and it missed by a mile. Virgil was far more accurate. He summoned a giant skull of flame and hurled it at Mason and blew one of his arms clean off! Like a hot knife thru butter. The skeletons were easily outclassed by the soldiers in Virgil’s company. Masons time was short and began to run away. Virgil summoned a 12-foot-tall Giant rat behind Mason and it was sent to attack the vampire with veracious anger. With one mighty blow the rat knocked Mason into a wall then it disappeared. Virgil laughed and said “Aww the might Mason fall down and go boom?” With one large bolt of black lightning he finished off the Vampire. Mason was soon blown apart. Virgil looked at his soldiers and told them to go and tell the rest of the CDF that the battle was over.

While the mop up operation was going on outside Virgil was busy. He cast a spell that lets him see if any powerful artifacts were around. Most of it was junk by Virgil’s standards but he did find something. A chest was found and, on the chest, had markings. It reads “One mirror to rule them all. One mirror to find them. One mirror to bring them all and in the darkness bind them” Virgil opened the chest and there was a mirror inside. Virgil could tell it was powerful perhaps it belonged to a dark lord of some kind. Virgil casted a spell that shrunk the thing and carried it with him. After a short celebration and goodbyes Virgil went back to his city of Raven and began to study the mirror in his tower.